Contents of a Hardwood Floor Installation Quote

If it’s time to replace your old flooring, you can’t go wrong with hardwood. It’s durability, classic style, and longevity are what homeowners love about it. If you’re considering a flooring replacement, do you know what’s included in a hardwood floor installation quote and how to understand the contents of it?

Hardwood floors are also one of the prime housing features homebuyers are excited about. So if you’re thinking about putting your home in the market, a hardwood floor installation is a worthy investment.

Before you embark on a flooring installation project, you must first scout for different flooring companies in your area. As you do this, they will reach out and start submitting a hardwood floor installation quote for you to review.

From materials to installation cost to maintenance or repair fees, certain vital items are included in a hardwood floor installation quote.

What should a hardwood floor installation quote include?

A hardwood floor installation quote also serves as the official and formal agreement between the flooring company and the client before the project starts.

Thus, the terms of the project must be clearly outlined. This way, both parties feel at ease during the duration of the project.

What are the cost factors for a hardwood flooring installation?

These are the factors flooring companies look at to determine the cost of a wood flooring project.

  • Number of square feet that needs hardwood floors
  • The type or species of hardwood preferred by the client
  • The chosen brand of hardwood
  • Labor fees
  • Shipping fees for the materials
  • Delivery fees for the materials
  • Sales tax

Hardwood Flooring Choices

There are a variety of hardwood flooring choices available for you to choose from. Engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood. Exotic wood species. Native wood species. Types of finish. Whatever your hardwood flooring pick is will significantly influence the hardwood floor installation quote.

There are many flooring choices available to suit your budget and style..

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by these choices. That’s why it’s important to pick a flooring company that you feel you can trust.

They will provide you with the flooring choices that match your needs – not just try to sell you products and services you may not necessarily need.

Figure Out How Much Flooring Space You Want to Cover

Before you start a flooring project, we recommend that you determine how much flooring you need in your house.

You can initiate this by figuring out the square footage of the flooring area you plan to include in the project. Make sure to allow an extra 5% more of the area. This number accounts for the chopped planks that must be fitted to your space.

As of the writing of this article, here are the pricing trends for hardwood flooring. The figures below are per square footage.

  • Softwoods cost between $3 and $7 per square footage.
  • Cherry, oak, and other popular wood native to the US are around $5 to $9, sometimes up to $10 per square footage.
  • Exotic woods such as mahogany, French oak, or Brazilian walnut cost around $9 to $15 per square footage.
  • Engineered wood rates are similar to their solid wood counterparts.
  • Basic Engineered wood with a thickness of 1/12 inch or less and 3-core layers cost around $2 to $6 per square footage.
  • Mid-range engineered wood with a thickness between 1/12 and 1/6 inches and 5-core layers sell for around $5 to $10 per square footage.
  • Higher-end engineered wood with 1/6 inch or more thickness will cost around $8 and $14 per square footage.

Expect to see these rates when you review your hardwood floor installation quote. Of course, the cost will also dictate your location or if the local companies in your area offer price-match guarantees or competitive pricing.

Different Prices from Different Brands

Different flooring brands will also have different prices for the same product. However, keep in mind that you’re not necessarily getting a better deal at a cheaper rate of a similar product.

Get brands that have stringent quality control regulations. Typically, North American brands have stricter guidelines than some brands from overseas. This fact is especially true for engineered hardwood flooring products.

Delivery Expense

Another important factor in the cost you will see in your hardwood floor installation quote is the delivery expense of the materials. If you purchased it online, there would most likely be a shipping and handling fee.

You will also see a sales tax in the quote, depending on if your state or if the state you bought the materials from charges it.

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