Why You Should Install a Door Intercom

Door intercom systems are a vital component in developing better privacy and security. At Safenet, we concentrate on wireless and video intercom systems for a lot of applications. Whether for business, home, or company, we can install and provide the perfect intercom system.

While door intercom systems are generally known for their security ideas, there are a lot of advantages in intercom systems. In addition to improving connection, more high-level intercom systems for houses can assign music throughout preferred areas of the home. Some intercom systems are also intended for monitoring. Such applications are perfect for parents that need a complete home intercom system to be utilized as a baby monitor system.

Wireless Door Intercom Systems

Intercom system technology has allowed communications to come a long way. It is not unusual for a lot of businesses, homes, and schools to be provided with wireless intercom systems. This transformation has enabled people to interact appropriately and more efficiently.

A door intercom system can give you the peace of mind that you will see who's at the door before you open it.

Wireless intercom systems for businesses and homes becoming more popular because of their benefits. Wireless intercom systems are more straightforward to install compared to wired intercom systems. Without connecting units through a wired network, not only is it installation more comfortable, but residential communities and businesses have greater versatility in their intercom system.

Here are additional advantages of having door intercom systems connected in your home:


A door intercom can be placed in a nursery to observe your child’s activities and stop any unpleasant happening, such as a fall or slip. It can also be connected to your office door, to identify who is at the doors, and provide access if required; this additionally prevents the demand for an all-around the reception desk.

A door intercom can emphasize audio alone, or both video and audio. With sound, you can interact with the person at the entry. A video enables you to view who is at the door.

Leading intercom system sales, service, and repair companies give intercom systems that guarantee heightened security in facilities like warehouses. In such environments, intercoms require to be acknowledged within the designated time, failure of which leads to rejection of access; the action is recorded for additional security.

Convenience and Cost-Savings

A door intercom can be combined with other systems or devices to improve comfort. For instance, a door intercom can be connected to a lock-release mechanism. So, if you have screened the guest, and chose to grant access, you can initiate the lock-release to unlock the door for the guest.

Door intercoms also allow the setting of multi-layer security required in areas like warehouses. In this kind of environment, wireless intercoms are applied in sequence with access control systems to manage access at different distant locations, from wherever you are. This system lessens the demand for further security.

One more real-time benefit of intercom systems can be encountered in healthcare settings. Intercom lets healthcare administrators on different floors to communicate and reach whoever is needed, mainly through emergencies.


Intercoms provide clear communication within buildings, which points to better relationships between departments, resulting in higher productivity. Intercoms allow professionalism to facilities.

Other advantages:

A door intercom system can add a layer of protection to your home.

Be Alert for Every Delivery – If you are expecting a delivery to arrive, or for employees to visit, owning a video intercom system lets you see (and communicate to) those who are buzzing at the entrance. That way, you are never opening the door to a total stranger.

Alarm Burglars – Having a system at the entrance to your house that has a built-in camera that is clear for passers-by to see, will frighten possible burglars. Deterrents are an excellent option when forming a secure home security system.

Peace of Mind to Completely Relax – Whether you are looking to totally switch off from the world after a tough day of work, or desire to sleep soundly in bed at night, having an intercom system with a video connected guarantees you can do just that. If there is any suggestion of something adverse out front, you will be able to examine it immediately.


With regard to the ease of connection, there are some risks associated with wireless door intercom systems. In occupied areas, obstruction from different wireless electrical devices can give difficulties of overlapping systems.

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